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"LCM completely changes the college experience; it could be the difference between an okay college experience and a great one."
~ Katie L. Thompson, GMU class of 2010

Giving Back:

Northern Virginia Lutheran Campus Ministries, Inc. serves our community in many ways. We are blessed to be a blessing to others. We are a ministry set apart for those at colleges, but our ministry doesn't stop there.


We pray for the world around us -- for the needs of the Church, our community, and and all who are in need.


We provide opportunities for students to serve the community, focusing on those who are different than themselves. We have partnered with local congregations, Northern Virginia Coalition (NOVACO), Fairfax Area Christian Emergency & Transitional Services (FACETS), the Katherine K. Hanley Family Shelter (part of Shelter House, Inc.), and others who are helping in the healing and restoration of our world.

We are a resource:

Our students have helped plan and lead worship for the DC Synod of the ELCA's Young Adult Conference in 2009. We have responded to calls for volunteer help from local congregations, and we hope to establish more mutually beneficial relationships as we grow and mature as an organization. We inform our students about opportunities at local Lutheran camps, with ELCA Global Missions, and about internships with the ELCA.

Young experienced leaders for the Church:

We work with young adults who have hearts and minds for mission and service. We give them leadership experience within the Church, so they are ready to be leaders in congregations after graduation. Some also go on to serve the Church in other ways, such as spending one or more years with Lutheran Volunteer Corps. Others are considering possible careers in the Church, discerning if seminary is the next step toward their future vocation.

Attention students:

For information on our activities at George Mason University, which are open to ALL students attending college in northern Virginia or living in northern Virginia while attending college elsewhere, visit

Lutheran Campus Ministry at George Mason University