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"Lutheran Campus Ministries expands minds, deepens faith, and inspires service -- not only as marks of campus ministry, but as descriptive of every gathered community."
~ Mark S. Hanson, Presiding Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Current Needs:


We need your prayers as our partners in ministry. Please put us on your personal prayer list and on the list for your congregation.

Financial gifts:

As your mission to those at colleges in our region, we rely on your gifts to fund the ministry and programming that support students and enable them to grow in faith during their time in college. Every gift matters, no matter how large. $15 can provide a T-shirt for a student to promote our existance on campus. $150 can puts postcards in the mailboxes of all 5000 residential students at GMU. $1,500 can make an alternative-spring break service-mission trip possible. $3,000 enables us to have a multi-student peer-ministry program so that students can devote time to leading in ministry while getting a taste of working for the Church. Larger gifts can move us toward our goals of calling a full-time pastor to campus, expanding to serve other campuses in the region, and aquiring a facility where we can gather students for hospitality, Bible study, and worship.


Eating together is a great way for our community of faith to grow together, and nothing motivates students quite like the phrase "free food". Help us feed students, many of who appreciate a home-cooked meal more than you can imagine, and we will help them figure out to what God is calling them.

Volunteer Pastors:

We utilize local pastors to preside for communion at our weekly ecumenical worship gathering (co-sponsored with United College Ministries in Northern Virginia) and to take part in our discussions at our Theology Pub. We are also open to pastors who would like to lead a weekly or bi-weekly Bible study.

Board Members:

We are always on the lookout for those in local congregations who would be interested in joining the Board of Directors for NOVA LCM. Do you have a passion for young adults? Has campus ministry touched your life? Do you have skills or experiences that would be useful for a non-profit board (i.e. fund-raising, accounting, law, management, etc.)? If you answered "yes" to any of these and would be interested in learning more -- let us know!

Attention students:

For information on our activities at George Mason University, which are open to ALL students attending college in northern Virginia or living in northern Virginia while attending college elsewhere, visit

Lutheran Campus Ministry at George Mason University