Mission of ELCA Lutheran Campus Ministry (LCM)

Invite people in academic settings more deeply into Jesus Christ and the community that bears his name, so that they discover and fulfill their vocation as disciples. Called to be the Church of Jesus Christ in higher education, LCM is to be above all a worshipping community that proclaims the gospel and celebrates the sacraments.

It is meant to give young adults on campus an opportunity to participate in the life of the Church during an important time of their lives as they experience change, growth, and challenge. Campus ministry has the two-fold task of caring for and nurturing those who belong to the Church and of inviting seekers into the community of Jesus Christ.


NOVA-LCM History
Functions (updated 1.16.06)
Bylaws (approved by BOD 4.25.06)
IRS Filings for Tax Exempt Status (Form 1023 and attachments)

Attention students:

For information on our activities at George Mason University, which are open to ALL students attending college in northern Virginia or living in northern Virginia while attending college elsewhere, visit

Lutheran Campus Ministry at George Mason University