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"When I was in college, Lutheran Campus Ministry was my home away from home my family that supported me when I wasnt living with my family. Im passionately working to build this ministry at GMU into one that students will say that about."
~ Ben Buss, Director of Lutheran Campus Ministry at George Mason University

Why Give to NOVA LCM:

Northern Virginia Lutheran Campus Ministries, Inc. is YOUR ministry, reaching out to students, faculty, and staff at colleges in northern Virginia on your behalf. We are dependent upon the gifts of those outside of our organization to allow this ministry to continue, directly benefitting the students at the institutions we serve. The value of your donation is evident in the transformation of the lives of the students we encounter by:


Lutheran Campus Ministry shares with students the grace known through the love of God at this crossroads in life, providing opportunities for them to delve deep into discipleship, fulfilling the vocation they feel called toward in harmony with their faith. Students learn to lead while listening to the still small voice through worship gatherings, Bible studies, and retreats. Our students also carpool to worship at local congregations.


Lutheran Campus Ministry inspires students to put their faith into action by serving others in the example set by Jesus. Our students act as the hands and feet of Christ in our setting as we act to feed the poor, sleep out to raise awareness of the plight of homeless persons, and fight for social justice, radical inclusivity, and the elimination of poverty. These are just some of the ways that we lay down our lives for our neighbors.


College is a time when students are struggling with tough questions. Lutheran Campus Ministry is there for them, journeying with them through the questions and helping to expand their minds to viewing the world through the Gospel of Christ Jesus.

Attention students:

For information on our activities at George Mason University, which are open to ALL students attending college in northern Virginia or living in northern Virginia while attending college elsewhere, visit

Lutheran Campus Ministry at George Mason University